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Gain Complete Control and Put Your Data to Work

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Significantly reduce the time needed to build a data lake.

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Reduce time to receive data insights and automate insights into action.

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Our tools and experience significantly reduce your costs.

Bring it All Together

This short video introduction presents how Qosil brings one of the world’s most powerful data cataloging, preparation and governance applications into the hands of our Eurasian and African customers. There are very few applications in the world that give you the power that is realized in Ovaledge in days. The greatest part, Qosil has made this application affordable for our Eurasian and African customers to lower the barriers that help them achieve absolute excellence with Big Data.

1. Catalog

Wherever your data is and in whatever format - We'll find it and organize it in one place without impacting production data.

With OvalEdge, your data stays in its native databases (ERP (Oracle, 1C, SAP, etc…). Smart Catalog will crawl the data from relational as well as NoSQL databases and files, using metadata descriptions and statistics. Smart Catalog can also index and crawl data stored in your data visualization tools.

Schedule and manage all interactions that OvalEdge has with your production environment to ensure minimal impact on resources

Ovaledge gives practitioners complete control on how crawlers impact critical production resources.

2. Prep

Prepare your data for reporting, analysis and use in integrated applications.

With the power of Hadoop and Hive, OvalEdge allows for rapid analysis and search of your data and provides the tools needed to transform and organize data.

Use deep analysis to understand the relationships between disparaged data across multiple data sources.

With all of your data cataloged in one place OvalEdge uses machine learning to discover and analyze relationship between data, fields and datasets.

Instantly get deep analysis of fields and values across all of your datasources

Using everyday keywords, a data consumer can find the data they want. This data catalog uses algorithms to read all the data from the company’s databases, summarizes it, and then catalogs it intuitively.  In fact, the algorithms are based on Google’s PageRank algorithm. These algorithms build relationships and prioritize relevant data sets, so analysts don’t have to know what they are looking for or where it’s located.

3. Govern

Create advanced Job Workflows to create data rules to extract sensitive information and create data compliance

Re-enforce and create company wide data governance to ensure that sensitive data is handle in accordance to legal requirements on a country by country basis. Bolster data governance with clear-cut policies which delineate roles and responsibilities.  Bring into place security guidelines which are enforceable.

Automate data exchange to integrated data warehouses, including the Qosil Marketplace, that can be used for business intelligence, creating integrated applications or launching synced apps in various regions.

Leverage the power of Ovaledge to synchronize integrated and governed data to multiple integrated warehouses that can be used to expand your data and share it with vendors and customers in integrated apps, dashboards, etc. Ovaledge acts as a middleware between all of the applicatios that need data.

4. Build

Use Qosil.Intelligence or any dashboard to import Ovaledge governed data warehouses to further analyze data

Ovaledge warehouses are available for direct connection or via API so that any analysis tool can be used to report and analyze data. As an effective middleware, Ovaledge allows you to future proof all of your data. Use the latest tools for data storage and to create rich, modern user experiences.

Use all modern development tools and environments to build integrated apps that are intuitively run on OvalEdge managed data warehouses.

Use Android Studio, Microsoft Power Apps, Appy Pie, PhoneGap or any development studio, tool or framework to build apps from your data. OvalEdge acts as a flexible middleware to permanently future proof your digital efforts.

5. Share

OvalEdge and Qosil integrations makes it effortless to upload datasets that are specially prepared for sharing to the Qosil Data Marketplace.

You effortlessly list your governed datasets on the Qosil marketplace to integrate with your customers, vendors and other organizations. Using Ovaledge you can synchronize your data through governance rules, into a Qosil data warehouse meant especially for data exchange. The datasets will stay secure and you can ensure that any data exchange is strictly monitored and enforced to compliance rules.

Close the Loop! Bring data from multiple organizations in Qosil Multi-Organizational data warehouses - back into Ovaledge.

Using Qosil, you can integrate your organizations data with that of your customer, vendors and other organizations. OvalEdge will catalog the your Qosil Multi-Organizational data warehouses so that you can use all of the tools to extend the data of multiple organizations into your applications, reports and dashboards.

What are you waiting for?

Qosil has a specific focus on serving customers in Eurasia and Africa. We operate where many others do not. We pride ourselves on providing International class applications and services in undeserved markets. We also have offices located in many countries that are impacted by the One Belt One Road initiative. Let us know how to contact you, anywhere in the world we will.

Qosil is focused on bringing the most innovative big data solutions in the world to the Eurasian and African markets.

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