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Access data from a private data lake, cloud applications, API’s, structured data, semi-structured and unstructured data. Utilize private and public data catalogs and data for sale in a single interface.

[wr_vc_textblock small_title=”Regardless of Origin or shape” big_title=”INTEGRATE”]Develop custom integrations in Qosil between structured, semi-structured and non-structured data. Without incurring any tool or platform cost, rapidly develop ETL’s across a multitude of datasets.[/wr_vc_textblock]
[wr_vc_textblock small_title=”With No Scripting” big_title=”DEPLOY”]Deploy data solutions optimized for speed and minimal use of resources. Whether in the cloud, On-Prem or a hybrid of the two you will access your solution via and API or one of many API libraries.[/wr_vc_textblock]

Deploy Integrated
Data Warehouses
Using Data
From Multiple
With No Code

Qosil.exe automates the optimization and building of complex data solutions using data sources that our on-premises, in the cloud, from IOT devices, private block-chain servers, off-site data sellers and online applications. Whether it is structured or semi-structured or unstructured data. Our application uses your data-sources, cloud applications, and multiple marketplaces to give you access to build optimized data warehouse with integrated ETL's. The most you will every write is SQL, everything else is done at the click of a button.

[wr_vc_textblock small_title=”We are empowering a new generation of innovation with a focus on Eurasia and Africa” big_title=”Using Qosil is like having an entire professional data services team `{`br`}“{`span`}` In a single interface`{`/span`}`”]Qosil is the foundation of a future of true connectivity. We employ a micros-services architecture to integrate various tools to bring data from virtually any source into a single GUI. Qosil provides

Qosil means connected in the Kazakh language. Qosil is the first company of its kind to serve the Eurasia and African markets. As the region continues to grow, the need for integrated data for critical decision making and operations that originates from the countries stretching from Morocco to China will become critical. In addition, sharing original content from these areas is the foundation of increasing the cultural exchange of knowledge, critical news and ideas to empower an entirely new generation. Our unique offering,, allows data and content owners to retain or host their proprietary data and content. Metered by subscription or per Kilobyte, Qosil serve our customer’s content on a hybrid local, on-prem and cloud CDN.[/wr_vc_textblock]

Building the Silk Road of Data

Data Accessibility and agile data delivery are Qosil’s specialty and necessities for an integrated and connected world. Data transactions facilitated by blockchain technologies might solve the transnational element of data exchange but it does nothing to promise speedy and on-time delivery of the data. Qosil plays an integral part in the future of a truly connected world.

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Access Data
from Anywhere

Data from e-government, third parties data lakes and API’s, IOT devices, cloud storage and your private data lake, available in a single marketplace and accessible via a single API.


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Rapidly Build Integrations

Design data warehouses at no cost. Bring data from .Market and Connect and build first in class data solutions and ETL’s using languages that you are already familiar with.


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Connect Cloud Applications

Connect to all of your data stored in online applications and bring them into your data warehouse. Integrate the data with Qosil.Market to rapidly enter a new world of integration.


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Deploy Optimal
Data Solutions

Automate the development and deployment of data solutions that are optimized for minimal use of resources and maximum data availability and agility. Exe automatically builds API and API libraries for the data solution written in .js, R, Python, Obj C, Java or .csv.

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Monitor Data Solutions

Monitor you integrated data warehouse and each ETL to ensure that your solution is optimized for speed and availability. Make critical decisions about your data solutions in real time.


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Enable Micro
Data Transactions

True cost savings and international exchange cannot be reconciled with traditional currency. Qosil uses an in-app digital currency to reconcile all transactions to the fourth decimal.


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Enable Artificial Intelligence

Qosil. Auto allows simple and complex automation scripts from the simple automation of landing data on-premises to creating automatons that empower machine learning and cognitive decision making. Using a visual scripting interface Qosil allows users of multiple skill levels to build complex automation powered by an endless source of accessible data sets from multiple data sources. Enhance insights, automate data flows between multiple sources, enable notification systems, control IOT devices, etc. The list of possibilities is near to endless.[/wr_vc_feature_car][wr_vc_feature_car title=”Qosil.Budget” number=”v1.0″ image=”588″]

Forecast Data Costs

Know what a data solution will cost your organization prior to launching it. Qosil.Budget delivers additional optimization by simulating the conditions of running your data solution in your choice of hosting conditions. Budget then delivers estimated cost across the three parameters of data purchasing, bandwidth usage and storage. Budget takes the guest work out of understanding the true cost to run an integrated data solution.[/wr_vc_feature_car][wr_vc_feature_car title=”Qosil.List” number=”v1.0″ image=”591″]

Create Your
Data Catalog

Qosil is developing a new world of data listers. Data listers are data professionals that leverage the power of Qosil.list to create public and private data catalogs for organizations throughout the world. Qosil provides and easy to use interface to allow the lister to set the terms and conditions by which data can be shared in Qosil.Market. Contact us to have a data lister discuss how you can list your data with Qosil.


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[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”What are you waiting for?
INTEGRATE WITH DATA FROM ORGANIZATIONS AROUND THE WORLD NOW!!”]Qosil has a specific focus on serving customers in Eurasia and Africa. We operate where many others do not. We pride ourselves on providing International class applications and services in undeserved markets. We also have offices located in many countries that are impacted by the One Belt One Road initiative. Let us know how to contact you, anywhere in the world we will.

Qosil is focused on bringing the most innovative big data solutions in the world to the Eurasian and African markets.[/wr_vc_textblock]